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Gentle With You


‘Sensitivity of disposition and kindness of behavior, founded on strength and prompted by love.’

It’s my personal favorite fruit to remember and hold onto. But it’s also been one of the hardest aspects of God’s nature to extend towards and receive for myself. I hear often that the enemy loves to target our gifts. Like if there’s apart of your personal design that God emphasized, or maybe there’s something about your personality that exudes naturally, then perhaps it’s your gifting. Maybe you invite a strong sense of peace into rooms and situations more naturally than not. Or maybe you have the gift of faith. Maybe it’s easier for you to believe and take God at His word, holding onto it for dear life until you see what He said come into fruition. Now, don’t get me wrong, we were all given measures of faith, but those of us who have the gift of faith, exist beneath a type of authority that requires the taking on of responsibilities to be fulfilled. It’s both a gift and responsibility. It’s not to be burdened by, but it’s to be able to walk, live, express and exude greater measures of for the good of others and for the glory of God.

That being said, perhaps those of us who seem to struggle hard with being gentle towards ourselves, are walking with a greater strength we didn’t even know we had. And perhaps this strength is merely existing in seed form and is in need of an obstacle or uncomfortable situation to mature it until it blossoms. And maybe, I mean just maybe, the exact practice our seeds need in order to be nurtured is for us to acknowledge, appreciate and extend a form of gentleness towards ourselves. Not only that, but to receive said gentleness for ourselves as well. So maybe this could start by forgiving ourselves whenever we find ourselves making that same mistake again…and again..and again? Maybe it starts by being patient with ourselves as we take that first step away from unhealthy habits and patterns, reaching towards the new. Whatever your individual situation may be, why not try receiving some gentleness? I mean honestly, why not? What’s the worst that could happen? You mess up again? Cool, that’s just fine. Because with your gifting, it just means there’s plenty more gentleness to receive and give from.

And yes, give.

Because it doesn’t stop there. Being gentle toward ourselves allows for us to extend the same to others more purely and effectually.

“Love others as we love ourselves.”

It starts with us, yes. But it doesn’t end with us.

There’s so much more for us to be, give and become.

And our gifts are what makes room this.

Let me know it the comments how you chose to receive gentleness recently.

For me, today, I acknowledged the struggle I found myself in during this season of transition, and chose to respond softly, patiently and with kindness.

Your turn.

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