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Finding Your Footing

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

I know how hard it can be to begin again. I also know how hard it can be trying to unlearn old habits and create space for the steps needed in order to journey forward. Finding your footing involves a lot of trial and error. Sometimes it feels like wandering. Sometimes it feels like doing the best you can and still seemingly coming out further back than when you started. And sometimes it's dong the right thing 99 times and not receiving the benefits until the 100th time. No matter the feeling, know that there isn't a single part of you that isn't worth the costs of the journey forward. And the very fact that your intent is pure and your willingness is intact shows that you've done much more than you think you have. While a lot of the struggle lies in picking yourself back up after what seems like another blow, much of the difficulty rests in the work it takes to shift your mind forward and toward areas its never before come across. Our actions tend to follow our thoughts, and habits are simply a series of actions done consistently. All of this to say that you're doing a work already. You've just got to keep going. This may feel easier said than done at times. Pain and struggle both have a way of making our worlds seem very small. And when something in you suddenly feels out of alignment in response to what isn't in your control to mend, you're forced into a space of unfamiliarity concerning what used to be clear and simple. It's hard watching others perform freely and easily what has become a struggle for you to. This is a difficult space to reside in, but with time, patience, and effort, you'll soon come to find that you were never meant to build a home in the transition phase of your journey. The valley doesn't exist without time for you to relearn parts of yourself before moving into a season less generous in time. This is the light in your middle: time and space to grow effectively and gradually into the version of you you'd never receive the privilege of knowing outside of hardship. It will get better, but not without first getting worse. In the end, honoring the darkness teaches us to better appreciate its absence. Where you are now isn't the end, and isn't the sum-total of your existence. You will get through this. You'll come out stronger, wiser, and with a testimony that will help those coming up behind you.

*reminder(s): breathe, rest, re-set, and begin again.

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