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I personally follow a vegan diet and find it works well for me both physically and morally.

  • When I’m having a flare up...

    • I do my best to try and shift my mindset towards thinking of what would most suitably meet my current and overall needs.

      • Oftentimes, includes a salad of some sort because it’s easier on my body (more on this below).

      • Other times, it’s a sandwich and cookie (grace lol) that reminds me to keep my spirit alive and hold onto hope.
You know what you need, even in times when it seems like each of your efforts are failing.

      • ****Extend some grace, and allow the dust to settle.
 Remember your promise: you will rise again.

*a note on Intermittent Fasting:

There were times that follow intermittent fasting (as needed) in order to help offer some relief towards my body’s condition. During those times my body was struggling under the immense amount of pressure it takes to function. When that happened, it was important for me to give my body a break.

  • During one of my first (and worst) flareups, I followed the 16/8 method of intermittent fasting. While this method gave my body some room to rest, it was super important for me to remember that when it feels like my health is in my hands and like it’s my job to fix what’s wrong, it's never my case. Why? Well….

    • I am a believer. Meaning, my life and everything pertaining to it is not in my hands. Coming into this understanding has been such a relief. While, I do have the responsibility of following the leading of the Spirit within me and doing my best to steward my body well, I know that I am His responsibility. So my health and overall well-being are His responsibility to care for. (This doesn't mean that I don't have the responsibility of doing all that I can to take care of myself. But it does mean that I can let go of what I can't control, knowing that I'm His and that He's in control of what seems incontrollable.)

    • His grace is sufficient. For me, Jesus fills every space, bridges every gap, and meets every need that I can't on my own. He's enough for me, all by Himself. Understanding lent me the breathing room I needed, and helped me release the hold I had on so many areas of my life (that are outside of your control, anyways). It held me down and caused me to waste a lot of my energy and effort on something beyond the scope of my control (and for me, alt of stress = flare up). I simply had to put my foot forward, breathe, and believe.

….I can tell you rigidity is in no way required in order to reap the benefits of Intermittent Fasting. I did my best and trusted. That's what helped me.

***This isn’t something I’d advise doing long term. During that time, I was at my worst mentally, physically, and emotionally and the only thing I knew for certain my body was asking me for was rest.

  • Following this method of intermittent fasting along with a low-carb diet (carbs were harder for me to digest at the time) gave my body the rest it needed to regain a lot of it’s strength back.

  • This isn't something I did everyday. I just listened to my body and adjusted when I needed to. 

Inflammation is a primary concern when it comes to Multiple Sclerosis, so limiting or refrain from consuming foods and drinks that we may be intolerant to, is also imprtant. It can be hard to pin point at first, but over time I was able to gain more of a solid understanding of what my body doesn’t respond well to.

  • Trial + error can seem worrisome, but we’re told to be anxious for nothing. Keep your spirit alive in knowing that your intention is well received, and your life is in His hands.

*meal prep and nutrition guide coming soon

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