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Our bodies are amazing in that were finely crafted with the ability to detoxify and heal themselves with time. Even apart from a heightened awareness or increased effort to take better care of our overall health, our bodies were designed to survive immense trials for as long as they're able to. Our environment within is full of vitamins, minerals and microbes that aid in fighting against diseases and environmental toxins that are detrimental to our overall health. Some of these toxins even have the ability to target our bodies' natural abilities and strip us of our weapons of defense against disease-causing agents. Not only that, but as our bodies age its important to re-supplement them with what may be decreasing or lost with time. Age, sex, ethnicity and environment all factor in determining our bodies' responses and needs. Supplements can be a great tool for helping our bodies receive some of the vitamins and minerals they're in need of. But, a healthy diet and lifestyle should be our first priority. (A lot of the vitamins, minerals and good bacteria our bodies need to thrive are found in what we consume on a regular basis). Supplements won't magically turn a bad or inconsistent diet.  But they can help support our bodies' natural abilities and help replenish what may be lacking in our diets.  

Below are some of what I consume regularly, if not daily to help support my body's natural ability to cleanse itself of waste and protect against harm.

Sacha Inchi Seeds

I stumbled upon these seeds a few months ago and they easily became a staple in my regimen. Like I mentioned before, during my flareups it can be very hard for my body to digest food. So these seeds were an enormous gift to me when I first tried them and realized how well my body responded to them. So well that I made a blog post about them liked here.


I think we all know that vitamins and minerals are important to our overall health. Overtime and with a lot of research, I found them more and more necessary to include into my daily regimen.

Below is a list of supplements I take daily (along with my prescribed medication). I’ll do my best to update this list. As it changes. If I’ve come across something else that works better for me, this list will show for it.

*I also take a digestion supplement I love as needed.

Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Magnesium Glycinate


All of our bodies are different, so you by no means have to follow my regimen to a T. I also follow a vegan diet so my needs may not mach up with the needs of others.

***also, a reminder that you can ask your doctor or naturapath about discounts for supplements prescribed through them (

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