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A Brief Note on Lifestyle:

Lifestyle adaptation is just as important as medical treatment for dealing with disease. While I’d never suggest doing away with medication entirely, I do believe in the importance of introducing multiple and higher levels of self-care practices into your day to day living. For me, this looked like slowing down and introducing periods of rest into my days as needed. Just for the sake of doing so, I’ll stress that this looks different day after day and season after season. Some things are simply out of our control.  Extending grace back to ourselves (especially when facing uncertainty) is critical to our recovery. 
Wisdom ensures us that when we fall, we will rise again.
 Missteps will happen.
 Allow yourself permission to get up, and try again.
 Making the time and space needed in order to implement necessary change won't look the same for us all.

 That's why we've got to listen to our bodies.
 I know this phrase can sound a bit cliche as it’s been tossed around by many for the longest of times. But once received, it offers us all some room to make necessary changes. And these changes are what allows us the ability to do all that life requires of us while still enjoying the overall journey. Personally, I've found that my body, spirit and soul respond best when I yield myself to leading a lifestyle unlike a lo of what we're told to strive after. But I also know of other people who respond best to a lifestyle unlike my own. We’re all the same in that each of us were created by a Father who loves us all completely and without reservation. But each of us were also made very uniquely. It’s important to note that everything fashioned to be apart of your makeup was fashioned for you. Like mine was for me. You were fashioned, formed and created specifically and intentionally.
 So treat yourself as such by resisting the societal urge to see and treat yourself as though you’re common.
 Learn yourself and work what your body responds best to.

It’s your divine inheritance to do so.

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